Window Cleaning Perks

Respecting Privacy

Over the years See-throo has established that customers privacy is just as important as the clean and we like to keep our customers happy. That is why we have invested heavily in Ionic’s pro 6 reach and wash cleaning system along with Gardiner’s carbon water fed-  poles. This method of cleaning enable’s us to deliver pure water to clean your windows, bathroom and bedroom included and all of this from the safety of the ground. This also ensures that you have no worries about a window cleaner suddenly appearing at the window, plus saving any bathroom or bedroom blushes. Also if you require a courtesy call that too can be arranged which could save any summertime sunbathing blushes on your behalf.



Selling Your Property

When selling your home you want prospective buyers to see your property in all its glory. The worst advertisement for a property is seeing dirty windows, gutters covered with moss and algae, grime on the fascias or an expensive conservatory looking all neglected.

Call See-throo to perform their magic, we can transform your house into the one with the lovely kerbside appeal and that cared for a look because first impressions count even before they set foot in your house.  Call See-throo to arrange a visit, it costs nothing but can save you loads, and enhance your chances of selling your home.

Fully Qualified

We only have fully qualified and vetted window cleaners to carry out work.

Eco Friendly

We choose quality cleaning products that are safe for people and the environment.

Fully Insured

No need to worry we are fully covered for public liability insurance.